"I wish to empower women through my designs. My clothing represents my desire to make women look elegant, attractive, different, bold, beautiful and unique. My inspiration comes from art, pop-culture, history, music, photography, and life itself. . . I have combined everything that has triggered my imagination to bring my designs to life."

Jessica Lombana began her designing career in March of 2013 when she created a hand made boutique collection of girls shoes for her company Deco Baby Shoes on Etsy. Since then, she began working on sketches and ideas for a women's collection. In 2014 she enrolled in the Art Institute of Houston as a Fashion Design student and created her first Spring/Summer 2015 collection under the name of LOMBANA by Jessica Lombana. She believes that women must embody elegance yet be bold at the same time. LOMBANA uses sleek silhouettes and luxurious fabrics to blend glamour and edginess, creating exclusive designs that truly represent the different sides of a strong woman's nature.

Born in Los Angeles, California, the designer moved to Cali, Colombia at a young age. There, she studied Art during her childhood years and then moved to Houston, TX. Jessica Lombana's designs are currently available in more than four boutiques in Houston, within some of the most exclusive areas of the city, including Runway Passport an online boutique based in NYC. Today she works along with a team, designing and managing LOMBANA, with the hopes to continue making LOMBANA by Jessica Lombana grow as a high-end ready to wear lifestyle brand.