The Velvet Trend 

 When I created my FW15 collection, I had no idea that velvet was going to have a comeback during this season. I just thought that it would be interesting to use such a beautiful fabric, which was greatly used during the 90’s, since the grunge trends were having a comeback. This Fall and Winter, velvet garments are among the trendiest, from gowns to blouses, everyone is carrying them, designers and retail stores. Celebrities are also rocking these velvet pieces during this Fall/Winter season. Here are some of my favorite velvet celebrity looks:


For this season, my stylists and I worked with on some awesome styles using our Lombana velvet pieces:

The Black Dahlia Gown

Photo: Tony Arya, Model: Martina Goobar, Wardrobe Stylist: April Ann Kohlmeyer

For this look, April focused on a Punk Glam theme. The gown originally comes without a bra, but the bra was left to add support to the breasts and to give the overral look a sexier edge. April also added lots of layered silver shimmery necklaces that would add a metal/glam look. The platform boots were used to add a Gothic/urban twist, but as you know, platforms are very in this season.

Photo by: Giselle De Leon, Model: Zaida Garcia from The Models Lab, Styled by: Jessica Lombana

I was cordially invited to showcase my designs at The Models Lab graduation fashion show. For this model, I wanted a red carpet inspired look. Because my focus was elegance, her accessories narrowed down to just earrings and a ring, that way the detail on the dress and the cleavage could be more noticeable. Zaida wore black pumps, smoky eye shadow and nude lips with just a pony tail. The focus of this look was the gown.

Photo by: Alexia Diaz, Makeup/Hair: Jennifer Slim, Jewelry: Brenda Grands Design, Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Lombana for Obscurae Magazine

This was an October inspired editorial for Obscurae Magazine. The makeup is definitely thematic, but the overall look is drama. I added tons of jewelry to make her look dramatic, and glamorous. The model was also wearing red velvet platform pumps to match her lips, again I wanted a dramatic look. This is a look for the high fashion forward woman who is a risk taker.

Photo: Alexia Diaz, Model: Kaylynn Williams, MUA: Kevin Luong, Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Tinajero- Look Book Photo. This is a red carpet inspired look.



The Black Pearl Crop Top

Photo: Two Lees Photography, Model: Sarah Temperilli, Wardrobe Stylist: April Ann Kohlmeyer, Art Director: Orlando Herrera. Photo for Salyse Magazine.

Black pearl top paired with our velvet black skirt, long silver earrings, and silver rings.


 Photo by: Tony Aria, Model: Maddi Sunbob, Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Tinajero

For this look our top was paired with leather pants, open toe booties, and sleek back hair style, and a choker, to give it a more urban glam style.


Photo: Giselle Deleon, Model: Ana Navarrete from The Models Lab, Styled by Jessica Lombana.

This is a cocktail inspired look, we paired our crop top with our black mermaid skirt, black pumps, sleek back pony tail, smoky eye shadow and nude lips. The garments in this look already have enough detail, so we minimalized the attention by not adding accessories, simple hair style and the nude lips.


Photo: Tony Aria, Model: Martina Goobar, MUA: Lashell Carter, Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Lombana. Editorial for Blum Magazine.

This was a goth glam inspired look. This is definitely for the edgy, black inspired fashionista. Another huge trend this fall is harnesses, my favorite harness designer is Zana Bayne, you can check out her accessories at I paired the black pearl crop top with our satin madame skirt, black platform sandals from Y.R.U, a black harness, and a sun hat. The hat was added for a dramatic look, this is more of a cocktail or special event inspired outfit.


Photo by: Alexia Diaz, Model Kaylynn Williams, MUA: Kevin Luong, Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Tinajero- Look Book Photo.

This is an elegant, classic, cocktail attire inspired look. Again, the black pearl top was paired with our madame skirt and black pumps. Because the top has bead embroidery on the sleeves, it’s not necessary to wear bracelets. Jessica added a statement ring, and chunky earrings to make the look more glamorous, but without losing the elegance of simplicity. Because of the model’s skin tone, red lipstick was used for her makeup, and smokey eyeshadow. For darker skin tones, I recommend nude lips for this look.

The Wednesday Dress

Photo by: Lando Blane, Miss Texas Latina Fashion Show, models wearing Lombana Swimwear.

For this event I decided to wear my custom version of our Wednesday dress. I truly love the combination of leather and velvet. Pairing velvet garments with leather accessories is always a good idea, the fabrics blend in together greatly, and the leather gives it a fierce edge. Most of my looks are punk glam, Goth inspired. I try to tone down the Goth inspired looks depending on the event I am attending. Since this was more of a formal cocktail event, I paired my dress with a SS14 Zana Bayne leather belt, fishnets, and open-toe booties by BCBG. The dress has embroidered pearls, so I used a statement silver pearl ring from Luis Navarrete, and silver earrings with black crystals from Swarovsky. For the Fall, this look would also go great with some high leather boots.

Photo by: Alexia Diaz, Model: Kaylynn Williams, MUA: Kevin Luong, Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Tinajero

When accessorizing outfits, I always pay ettention to the type of metals that are used in their details. For example, the velvet garments from my collections have silver toned studs included in the embroidery, so I make sure that the jewelry is silver, and that my shoes, purse, and belt have silver zippers or clasps. If I would add gold tone accessories it would throw the whole look, so it’s always important to pay attention to these little details, because they can truly make a difference in putting together an outfit.

And with these photos, I complete my favorite velvet looks. This is a trend you want to rock for this fall and winter. Especially the velvet gowns for special events, the fabric truly hugs the body beautifully.


Jessica Lombana

NATIVE by LOMBANA: A brief introduction.



As we work on our Spring/Summer 2016 collection, I decided to go ahead and introduce our new accessories. For this upcoming season, I was inspired in my ethnicity and roots. My parents are from Colombia, South America, and I had the privilege of living there for more than 10 years. Nature had a big influence in my artistic development and inspiration, because my father and my grandmother had ranches in the mountains, where we would usually spend our vacations and weekends. There were still natives in the area where we had our ranch, and growing up with them, seeing their survival techniques and how they treated nature was amazing. The indigenous cultures are the most precious ones this world has. I used this influence as an inspiration and mixed in influences from Asia as well, because Asia also has indigenous communities that remain intact. Jewelry making is traditional to natives, they are experts in carving beads, designing with gold, and weaving thread, they are true artists by excellence. Ever since I was a child, I always admired hand-made jewelry with semi-precious stones, from there comes my love for couture. My family and I worked towards setting up a small jewelry shop/studio in Colombia, so that we could truly create indigenous inspired, hand-made accessories. Our accessories are made by artisans who work directly with me to create each piece. Each jewelry set is a limited edition design, this means that each design will not be reproduced, why? Because we want to give our clients exclusivity.

Our accessories are made completely with semi-precious stones, hand carved stones, and they are all gold plated. They are also made with weaving thread, because we wanted to include traditional beading techniques used by the natives. We are proud to offer such unique, timeless, statement pieces to our fashion forward clients.

Thank you for your support.


Jessica Lombana

SS15 Lombana Swimwear Recap

(Model Giselle Perez wearing Lombana Picasso One-piece, photographed by Two Lees Photography)



Summer is officially gone and I wanted to do a recap on my swimwear adventures and the awesome collaborations, publishing and fashion shows we did during Spring/Summer 2015.

When I thought about starting my brand, I thought that it would be cheaper to begin with swimwear. I was conscious of the cost of starting your own fashion line and I did not want to get into debts or majors losses. Many people make that mistake when they start their own brand, they think that if they start big the revenue is going to be big as well, and this is far from the truth. My father taught me the basics of business management since I was 12: Invest, sell, reinvest, earn. My Mom taught me the benefits of starting small: Safety, savings, and loss prevention. I started my own little business since the age of 12 and I learned the benefits of starting small and being safe, so for this reason, I started small and simple with Lombana.

My very first swimwear collection was made here in the U.S, I purchased affordable fabrics and hired a seamstress. However, honestly I didn’t like cheap. I felt that it didn’t give my brand the value that it deserved. My swimwear was affordable and looked affordable, but was that really what I was aiming for? No. Just to be clear, I am speaking as an entrepreneur/fashion designer so I’m going to be brutally honest because I want future designers to learn from this post. Let me explain something about garment production.

Why are clothes cheap? Because they are mass produced, or produced with very cheap materials, which means that the quality and garment performance is very poor. Is it cheap to mass produce? Goodness no. The cost to mass produce is thousands and thousands to invest right off the bat, why? Because manufacturing companies that do mass production require very big MOQ’s (minimum order quantities), which usually start around over one thousand pieces per design of garment. Add shippings costs, and storage costs to that. Add labeling and brand promotional items to that. Now, let’s add this question “where am I going to sell this?” Unless you are famous, corporate or extremely rich, no department store is going to take in your products right away. Someone once told me, “there’s a lot of celebrities who have their own clothing line and their prices are very cheap and they sell”, and my response to that is: Exactly, they are celebrities, they had millions of dollars to invest without having to worry about major losses. Now, let’s talk about brand DNA, if you start cheap, you are known as a cheap brand right away and you have established yourself as a cheap fashion designer. If for some reason you decide to start selling your garments at more expensive prices, say bye bye to most of your established customers because they will not be able to afford you anymore. Then, when you try to sell your designs to higher end customers, they will not be very motivated to buy from a designer who is known for selling cheap apparel.

Many emerging designers sacrifice their labor in order to give their customers a better price because they want to make a sale so bad, but you’re making a sale at the cost of your brand’s reputation. A fashion designer’s labor is very expensive! We sketch, hand sew, sew, we drape, we do patterns and embroidery. Many of us also pay extremely high tuitions in prestigious fashion design schools so that we can earn a better income. Never give your labor for free. Also, what will happen if one of your designs goes into a high demand status? Are you going to give away the labor of making one hundred dresses just to earn a couple of hundreds? Well, if you’re willing to do so, let me tell you that you will end up losing money, health and sanity. It will not be worth it, and you will learn the hard way, because don’t forget, that labor also involves costs.

After realizing that I wanted a higher quality and value for my swimwear, I started saving every penny I earned to invest in a better swimwear collection. I also contacted my family in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to ask them about swimwear manufacturing companies. Brazil is notorious for its excellent quality in swimwear and sandals. I was fortunate to get in contact with a manufacturer in Brazil who was kind to negotiate MOQ’s and shipping costs, and made it possible for me to create my Brazilian swimwear line:

(Editorial for 3 Noon Design Digital Magazine. Photo by Two Lees Photography, Model Sarah Temperilli, Wardrobe stylist April Ann Kohlmeyer, MUA Amanda Delgado)

My high end Brazilian line had nothing different than other high-end designer swimwear, and I am very proud of that. It gave me all rights to price my swimwear as luxury swimwear because they were. It was also a very successful idea, because editors from magazines loved my swimwear:

  Published in 3 Noon Design 3 times!

Tribal Bikini Published in Estela Mag. Gasoline Bikini published in Antidote Magazine.

"U" one-piece swimsuit published in Salyse Magazine. Mermaid one-piece swimsuit published in Obscurae Magazine, in a 12 page editorial featuring only Lombana swimwear and an interview.

Many people supported my swimwear and even invited me to showcase my designs in their fashion shows:

Raw Houston Fashion Show.   Miss Texas Latina Fashion Show, thanks to Houston Fashion Expert Angel Woolsey.

The Glory Fashion Show thanks to Houston photographer Ashraf Alabi.

Some amazing Houston Photographers also used my swimwear to shoot their models:

Photographer Two Lees Photography, Model Giselle Perez

Photographer Tony Aria, Models Madison Bobb and Rachel Holley, Stylists April Ann Kohlmeyer and Jessica Tinajero, MUA Lashell Carter.

Photographer Alexia Diaz, Models: Kaylynn Williams, Ally Kuper and Leah Sullivan, MUA'S: Kevin Luong, and Juan Carrillo, Hair Stylist Felicia Randle, Wardrobe stylist Jessica Tinajero.

Photographer Suzy Taylor, Model Jenna Bracewell.


I hope to create an even better collection of swimwear in the future, and hopefully integrate children’s swimwear as well. Well, goodbye, spring and summer 2015, the year in which I started this unimaginable endeavor and reached a goal I desired for so long.


Jessica Lombana





(Martina is wearing Lombana Madame Top, Black Mermaid Skirt and Lombana Couture Daisy Glove)


Fashion blogs are very important for emerging designers nowadays. The social media world has made it possible for bloggers to rule and market brands, while also, making marketing more affordable and within reach for up and coming fashion designers. Knowing the huge influence that fashion bloggers have today in the retail industry, I decided to search for bloggers that could fit my aesthetic and would be willing to wear my designs. While searching via Instagram, using the hashtag #fashionblogger, I came across a username @tinigoobar. When I saw this profile I fell in love. As I scrolled down on Tini Goobar’s Instagram page, each post got better and better. Her style was unique, she was edgy, she was fun, and she would probably wear my garments. I sent her a direct message to gift her one of my designs, and she replied! 

Martina Goobar AKA“Tini” Goobar is a gorgeous fashionista from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She owns “ We Love NYC Showroom” along with her best friend in Argentina; She is also a DJ, and she won a reality television contest called “Desafio Fashionista” , filmed in Mexico. The reality show was a fashionista competition, where competitors had to put together stylish outfits in a small amount of time, and each outfit was followed by a theme. This beautiful lady is a winner. She loves to travel, she loves cats and owns a Siamese, she is a vegetarian and believes in healthy living, she is a free spirited soul, and her heart is full of kindness. She is a woman that is not afraid to take risks, speaks what she has in mind, and always makes a statement with her outfits wherever she goes. Martina is truly a fashionista at heart, she embraces the world of fashion with an open mind.

As I spoke with her and had the chance to know a bit more about her, I realized that she truly embodies the LOMBANA ideology, which is girl power, and her style matches my “Black Collection”. I was very fortunate to establish communication with this amazing lady and I had the honor of producing a photoshoot with her wearing my designs!

For this photo shoot I wanted to gather a dream team. Going by her style, I was inspired in Glam Punk looks. My team consisted of Houston celebrity stylist April Ann Kohlmyer, who truly focuses on glamour, and high fashion photographer Tony Aria. I had the honor of doing Martina’s makeup, while Tony Aria was graceful enough to do her hair-this man is a multitasker!

Below are the photos of the amazing Glam Punk Photoshoot we did with the one and only Martina Goobar:

(Martina is wearing Lombana Tank Silk Top)

(Martina wearing Lombana Black Purple one-piece  and Dahlia Gown)

Working with Martina was a pleasure. Not only did I have an amazing photo shoot but I also got my first article published on Obscurae Magazine which was inspired by Martina and the Punk Glam look, available at

Spending time with Martina was also a learning experience, I learned that embracing your own style is critical when putting an outfit together because it can give you more of an idea of what you like to wear.


Jessica Lombana



When I thought about the aesthetic of the Black Collection, I decided to mix a group of trends, styles and cultures to make my designs look different. In the 90’s, distressed denim was a very big trend and this year designers have re-vamped the distressed 90’s fashion. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, so when I saw that distressed fashion had a comeback, I got excited!

Distressed fashion really inspires me, when I see someone wearing distressed garments, the right way, I think of them as edgy people who are not afraid or ashamed to be different when it comes to fashion. Distressed garments represent the rebel fashionista, the person who can care less about what others think, as long as they enjoy and like what they are wearing. With this in my mind, I designed two distressed bodysuits and a bikini. At first, the bodysuits looked like lingerie, but they were really meant to be paired with leather pants or jeans. The Bikini looks like alternative lingerie. Some eyebrows were raised when they say my bodysuits because they thought it was vulgar, some others loved it, I love it. But with mixed emotions I went on to present my daring bodysuit to the world, and it has been one of my best sellers.

My distressed bodysuit is made with cotton and lined with sheer spandex. It has been used by bloggers, models and other fashionistas. I would like to share some of my favorite photos taken of my distressed pieces, and thank you to everyone who has appreciated them and has been daring enough to wear it. I personally like to pair it with black leggings and a black blazer.


First Look Book Photo

Behind the scenes, Photo by Two Lees Photography, Model Alexandra Arezou Ahmadi, Hair & MUA Amanda Delgado, wardrobe stylist Mohammed Al-Badrawy., Assistant Carlos Castillo.

This was the first photo taken of my distressed bodysuit, I didn’t really know how to pair it and you can tell. For this look we went with smoky eyes and dark lips because we wanted our model to look fierce, sexy and elegant. In this photo the bodysuit was being presented as lingerie, which is why the model was not wearing any accessories or other garments. After this shoot, I realized that I needed an edgier model and that it was necessary to pair the bodysuit with other accessories and garments, so that it could be presented properly and with the right aesthetic.

The Glam Punk Look

Photo by Two Lees Photography, Model Sarah Temperilli, MUA Amanda Delgado, Wardrobe Stylist April Ann Kohlmeyer.

And then came the wonderfully talented wardrobe stylist April Ann Kohlmeyer to my life, depicting the exact looks I imagined for my apparel. This was an editorial photoshoot, so we used the distressed bodysuit as lingerie. April gave the bodysuit a glam punk style by mixing elegant and punk accessories. She used sparkly chandelier earrings, spike choker, sparkly silver arm candy, and like always, added a pop of color with a colorful crystal statement necklace. April also added a leather glove to give this look a dominatrix twist. This is actually one of my favorite photos because it came out exactly how I imagined it.

The Runway Look

LOMBANA S/S 2015 Fashion Show at RAW Sensory, Photo by Mr Sketch Book, Models Ty Charles and Emma Taylor Jones, Hair & MUA Ione Solis and Sayda Sanchez, Wardrobe Stylists April Ann Kohlmeyer and Jessica Tinajero, Producer Orlando Herrera.

The aesthetic of my first fashion show was a mix of dominatrix, glam punk and goth. I wanted my models to represent a very crazy, dangerous, fierce, aggressive, sexy and luxurious woman. My wardrobe stylists April and Jessica were the perfect combination for these looks. In this fashion show the distressed pieces were presented as bodysuits and lingerie. April added the glamour with gold and leather accessories, Jessica added the “Goth” twist by pairing the distressed garments with tights. The models were wearing their hair up to make them look sophisticated. Thanks to the incredible team behind this fashion show, LOMBANA made a statement.

Distressed Lingerie Meets Romance

Photo by Panda Shotz, Model Nayrobi Pena, Hair & MUA Krystal Marie and Estina Garcia, Wardrobe stylist Jesus Aguirre.

Wardrobe stylist Jesus Aguirre managed to make my distressed bikini look classy and romantic. The photographer also did an incredible job in this photo with light and angle. For this look, Jesus softened the distressed bikini by choosing a wavy hair-do, soft makeup, no accessories and a beautiful black knitted cover-up. This look is beautiful, sexy and romantic. A perfect lingerie shot.

California Girl

Photo by Epicine Photo, Model/Fashion Blogger Teresita Madrigal for Lombana

I love to collaborate with fashion bloggers who are unique, different and beautiful. As a fashion designer, I enjoy greatly seeing how fashionistas mix and match my garments to fit their own style. Because, a true fashion expert does not follow trends, they carry their own style. This is Teresita Madrigal, a fashion blogger from California I found on Instagram (@bornoriginal), she was the first fashion blogger to collaborate with me and she is also a stylist! Teresita gave my distressed bodysuit a California girl meets hipster style. I love how she understood my brand’s aesthetic and did an all-black look. She paired my bodysuit with black shorts and a vest. She used a hat and cat-eye sunglasses to accessorize her look and give it a hipster twist. What a perfect way to pair up my bodysuit with apparel.


The Biker Girl

Model Maddy Sunbob, styled by Jessica Tinajero and Photographed by Tony Aria. Jessica was inspired in a Rock Glam look for this outfit. She added a leather jacket, killer black heels and a pompadour hairstyle. She gave glam to the look by adding a silver statement necklace, brown smoky eyes and red lipstick.


The Look Book

Photo by Alexia Diaz for the LOMBANA F/W 2015 look book. Model Kaylynn Williams, MUA Kevin Luong, Hair Stylist Felicia Randle, Wardrobe stylist Jessica Tinajero.

For this look, wardrobe stylist Jessica Tinajero was inspired by the Urban lifestyle. She paired the bodysuit with our velvet mini skirt and black platform booties to give the look a darker, city life-edge. Jessica gave the overall look a balance by choosing a hot pink lipstick, smoky eyes and a wavy hair style.


What I loved the most about the evolution of my distressed bodysuit is how every stylist that worked with these garment pieces showed a great respect for my brand. They all styled it in their own way but they all used black, because they knew that it was part of my Black Collection and they were conscious of how my brand was being represented. I am grateful with everyone who collaborated with me on all these looks, thanks for being bold enough to use the most daring piece of my collection in your portfolios.


Jessica Lombana


The Crochet Bikini!

       When I decided to launch myself as a fashion designer, I sketched a swimwear collection and worked with a very talented seamstress to bring those sketches to life. Within those sketches were some drawings of a couple of crochet bikinis. Although my goal was to have black in all of my swimwear pieces, I wanted to do a couple of pieces that were different. When sketching the crochet bikinis I was inspired on California girls and in Colombia, South America. Crochet bikinis are very popular in these two places and are usually worn by the hottest girls. This was one of my designs brought to life:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with different photographers who have collaborated with me since I started this journey. Two of them captured some beautiful pictures of our crochet bikinis, so I wanted to share the different looks that were created with this delicate, handmade swimwear piece.

Fashion photographer Alexia Diaz, captured these amazing and very detailed photos of our F/W15 campaign model Kaylynn Williams, wearing our White Crochet Bikini.


Crochet Bikini Mermaid

Photo by Alexia Diaz, model Kaylynn Williams, hairstylist Felicia Randle, makeup by Kevin Luong, wardrobe stylist Jessica Tinajero, photography assistant Victor Lara.

For Kaylynn’s look, we were inspired in a mermaid/ California girl look, which was why we styled her hair in a braid and added the aqua blue eyeliner in her makeup, no accessories needed, the bikini, makeup and hair were more than enough to complete this look.


High fashion photographer Tony Aria has also shot some beautiful blonds in our crochet swimwear. Here are some of the photos he shared with us.


Yacht Party Crochet Bikini Look

Photo by Tony Aria, Model Rachel Holley, hair & makeup by Lashell Carter, wardrobe stylist April Ann Kohlmeyer.               


For this look, celebrity wardrobe stylist April Ann Kohlmeyer added gold long tassel accessories and gold tone strappy heels to give the overall look a touch of glamour and shine. She also gave this style a pop of color by adding a turquoise bangle, red lips, and blue eye shadow. Blue is a wonderful hue to contrast with white garments, especially if you’re a blond, and no other lip color can be more glamourous than red.


California Girl Crochet Bikini

Photo by Tony Aria, model Maddy Sunbob, wardrobe stylist Jessica Tinajero


For this look, Maddy styled her hair in long waves to give it a beach, laid back inspired look. She did a brown smoky eyeshadow to bring up her colored eyes and a pink lipstick color to add a young flirty look. Nude high heels went perfect with this crochet bikini look, the neutral tone one the shoes really made the bikini stand out, the shoes also made this look sexy and ready for a beach party.


As summer fades away, I wanted to do a recap in this beautiful and timeless swimwear piece that can be dressed down or dressed up for any occasion during the summer. We hope to have a larger variety of crochet bikinis for our Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

A special thanks to my wonderful fashion photographers Tony Aria and Alexia Diaz for these beautiful photos, and of course to my stylists, MUA’S and hair stylists.


Jessica Lombana

What inspired The Black Collection?

(The Black Collection sketches and completed garments)


"The Black Collection" my first collection, and possibly the most personal collection I will ever create.

Empowering women was the main focus on this collection, but how did I want to empower them? What was I trying to communicate to the world? That behind every face we see, there is a darkness inside of us that makes us unique in different kinds of ways. And being unique and different is a good thing, it's what this collection is all about.


In November of 2014, I met a person who's fashion sense was extremely noticeable. His fashion sense was not the only special thing about him, he carried a dark side within himself that sometimes was untamable. His style represented what he had inside, he dressed all black, and was not afraid of being edgy and bold. He didn't care about what people thought about him, he embraced his ghosts by transforming them into digital art and fashion styles. But you see, as a stay at home mother of three who lives in the suburbs, I couldn't help myself from being astonished by so much darkness, because earlier that year I myself had discovered that I had a very dark side as well, and that dark side was called "Bipolar Depression". This person made me feel comfortable, because he was different like me, but he taught me that being different was normal and that it could be embraced and transformed into beautiful things.

(Editorial by Two Lees Photography for Salyse Magazine)

I thought about all the different women in this world that had caused an impact in my life, after researching about them, I realized that I loved controversial, sexy, powerful women who were not afraid of saying what they had in mind and owning their own style.

Celebrities that inspired my collection:

Madonna- Raw, unapologetic, mother, comfortable with her bad self

Lana del Rey- Beautiful, classic, faithful, yet sad and lost

Zana Bayne- A fashion designer who was not afraid to embrace her S&M/Punk/Goth aesthetic and turn these accessories into runway worthy fashion

Dita Von Tease- Classic, elegant, yet dark and full of fetishes

Heidi Klum- Beautiful, independent, rich and flirty. She didn't just live off of her model image, she used her brain to build a retail empire inspired on her children.

Oscar De la Renta- Fashion designer, always classic and elegant

They have all remained being themselves and have found the way to succeed in their own way. Some of these celebrities were never refrained from doing what they loved due to motherhood, and that's what I wanted to show as well, that being a woman comes with so many sides and being a mother is only one of them.  Motherhood doesn't define what we are and what we can become, it doesn't mean that we cannot be bold, sexual, successful, prepared and ready to take risks in our lives. And it definitely shouldn't stop us from looking bold, beautiful and attractive. I focused on Goth and Punk influences, because these fashion groups have always been seen as "scandalous" in society, but people forget that it's about expressing yourself and being comfortable with yourself and it takes a lot of courage to go against the main stream.

With this being said, thank you to everyone who accepted this collection and supported me throughout the making, especially Carlos Castillo, a young fashion designer who was my pattern maker, confidant, friend, partner in crime and seamstress. I love you Carlitos, and "Vixen" is Bae!